Is the new Civic EX the perfect vehicle?

2013 Honda Civic EX

2013 Honda Civic EX
The 2013 Honda Civic EX

The Civic has come a long way in its history. From an admittedly cheap looking vehicle to the sleek and sporty car it is today, it’s been quite a transformation really. Now, the 2013 Honda Civic EX might just be one of the best put together cars out on the market today. We say this because the Civic EX in San Antonio is just a very well put together, capable and attractive vehicle. Basically, the 2013 Honda Civic EX just gets it.

Just look at the 2013 Honda Civic EX. Really look at it. If you don’t think it’s a great looking car, then we aren’t sure what you are seeing. The Civic has a sleek front end that helps it cut through the wind with ease. The car has a trim that highlights the grille and trunk while also concealing the right areas to allow the vehicle to stay classy all the time. When you put this frame on 16” alloy wheels, it completes the whole image of what a responsible sporty car should be.

2013 Honda Civic EX rear
The 2013 Honda Civic EX from the back.

The interior is equally impressive. Climbing inside for the first time gives you a good idea of what you’re in for. And what that includes is high quality materials, a great LCD display, impressive gauge cluster, and an overall comfortable feel. The Civic EX feels right at home for a large portion of consumers. Don’t believe us? Take a test drive for yourself and experience the difference.

With great engine options to boot, we’ve now convinced ourselves even more that the 2013 Honda Civic EX is an ideal vehicle. But we’re the dealer – so it makes sense that we love our products. If you can love the vehicle you choose, that’s what makes us happy. So check out our new cars in San Antonio and see if your dream car is on the lot now!