Benson Honda Offers Five Tips for a Happy Doggy Road Trip

Travelling with dogs
Following these tips can result in a relaxing trip with you and your dog.

At Benson Honda, we love to take road trips, it sort of goes with the territory of being car type people. Packing up the family and going on an over-the-road adventure is quite literally as American as baseball and apple pie. The ever increasing trend in families of all kinds today is the increasing number of dogs that are family members, and none of us want to leave a family member behind. Travelling with your dog will certainly present a unique set of challenges, but nothing you can’t overcome with the help of these simple tips we have compiled for you.

  1. If at all possible start getting your dog used to travelling in the car as young as possible. While it is true you can teach old dogs new tricks, it can be more difficult that need be. For best results, start out with short car trips and work your way up from there. This can be especially useful if you have only taken the dog in the car and gone to the vet. It is important to break the cycle.
  2. Be sure everyone is wearing their seatbelts. This includes two- and four-legged passengers. There are a few options out there that utilize the existing seatbelts in your car, but if these won’t work for some reason, crate travel may be your only option. Again, when crate training for a trip, refer to tip No. 1.
  3. When planning a trip that will require long stretches of driving, be sure to plot out some spots to pull over and give you and your dog a break as well as opportunity to complete all business, so to speak. It will give everyone a chance to stretch their legs and your dog can burn off some energy that has undoubtedly been building up.
  4. Should you be planning on staying in a hotel overnight, be sure to call ahead and make sure they accept pets. More and more hotels are becoming pet friendly. When you are staying at the hotel, make sure you bring some dishes for food and water as well as a blanket that can cover whatever your dog may be sleeping on to avoid leaving behind too much hair. Also having an emergency clean up kit would likely be appreciated by everyone involved.
  5. You should also have a few of the following items to fill out your doggy-travel kit: Bring a jug or two of water from home. The differences in water sources can upset dog’s stomachs and lead to a sick puppy. A first aid kit for your dog, your vet will be able to tell you what you should include, a grooming brush and some toys if your dog is the playful type.

At Benson Honda we want all of your trips with your dog to be enjoyable for everyone involved. Benson Honda offers a full line of new Honda cars in San Antonio as well as some of the most reliable used cars for sale in San Antonio.