Honda’s new solar partnership proves its commitment to efficiency

Honda new solar partnership
Honda and solar homes? An intriguing partnership.

We knew Honda was committed to energy efficiency. But that commitment just went to the next level with the recent announcement that the company will be partnering with SolarCity to offer customers home solar systems at a low cost. While the full financials of the deal need to be hammered out, it’s pretty obvious that it will be one of the most interesting deals we’ve seen in some time.

At Benson Honda, your San Antonio Honda dealership, we find the deal to be a pretty ingenious offering from Honda. But it makes sense, because many of the people interested in the efficient Honda cars in San Antonio would likely also be interested in making their homes as efficient as possible. We’ll see how it plays out in the end, but the premise makes sense in principle.

When talking about vehicle efficiency, Honda typically enters the conversation. The company has long been highly involved in making the planet a better place through vehicle efficiency. This is the philosophy behind the Honda Earth Dreams engines, which provide outstanding efficiency while also having impressive output.

Stay up to date on the latest in this and other efficiency efforts right here on the Benson Honda blog. Since Texas is one of the states where this offer will be extended, we expect interest to pick up right here for this intriguing offer.

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