Social media is becoming a big presence in the automotive world

Social media in the automoitive world
The automotive world is no stranger to social media.

Social media is becoming a large part of many industries, and the automotive world isn’t exempt. Even vehicle manufacturers are getting large benefits from the social media world. Sometimes the feedback that they receive through social media is better than they get in person. It is also easy for open communication on social media to allow businesses to form a relationship with the customers. There has even been talk of the relationship getting to the point in the automotive world where satisfaction surveys could be submitted through twitter.

What makes social media communication so unique at times is that it is very honest and very quick – and people can use it on their phones, so the results are instant. Car manufacturers and even safety organizations regularly have people that search social media to discover what flaws might be out there. These relationships can then begin to benefit both sides.

At Benson Honda, we are very active on social media, with our facebook and twitter pages both getting some great interaction from our customers. We have seen the personal level of this technology, as many customers are more comfortable communicating through the social media. We are also able to keep our fan base up on specials and other interesting things that may be going on at the dealership or with Honda in general.

So if you don’t ‘like’ or follow your San Antonio Honda dealership, then it’s time that you do. Become an active part of our online community. Best of all everyone is welcome!

If you are more traditional, we definitely still take part in the traditional communication methods – including just stopping right into our dealership to talk to our staff in person. So, we’ll do it however you want to – online, phone, in person. It’s all good!