Newest Honda concept creates a buzz

Honda Urban SUV Concept vehicle
The Honda Urban SUV Concept could be the next big thing.

There’s been a lot of buzz around Honda recently concerning its new models. And while cars like the 2013 Civic, Accord and others have been getting some major attention in the industry, it’s a vehicle that we won’t even be seeing until 2014 that really took the spotlight recently. The vehicle in question is the Honda Urban SUV Concept vehicle that made its debut at the 2013 North American International Auto Show in Detroit earlier this month.

While we don’t know all that many details on the new Honda Urban SUV Concept vehicle, we do know that the company plans on selling it in the small crossover market. And while this is a crowded segment, Honda will no doubt bring something all new. It makes sense that it would be in the small crossover field, as Honda has recently made it clear that it plans to continue going for it in the small car segments – really building the brand around these smaller vehicles.

“No one has had greater success with small cars than Honda, and this Urban SUV Concept will create new value in the growing small-SUV segment,” said John Mendel of American Honda.

Fun-to-drive and fuel efficient are two qualities that go with Honda vehicles. This Honda Urban SUV Concept vehicle will continue that trend.

While fuel efficiency is very important, we think it’s the fun-factor that really begins to set the Honda brand apart. How many vehicles can you say you really have fun driving these days? Honda is striving to bring this feeling back to consumers with its whole lineup. Just look at the Honda vehicles in San Antonio that are on the lot at Benson Honda. It’s a fun group!