Do-it-yourself oil changes could go by the wayside

Oil change deals in San Antonio

Oil change deals in San Antonio
Where does the used motor oil go?

The satisfaction that people get from changing their own oil is a great thing. But if the continued disregard of where to go with used oil continues, we could see this American tradition outlawed. According to recent numbers, almost 40% of the pollution found in the lakes and rivers of America is due to dumping of used motor oil in gutters, sewers, fields and other areas. This compounded pollution problem could potentially lead to the end of do-it-yourself oil changes as we know it.

While banning people from changing their own oil may seem extreme, the fact remains that improper disposal continues to take place. Places to take recycled oil are abundant, but consumers often go for the easiest option, which unfortunately may sometimes mean dumping in an inappropriate area.

If you want to save some hassle while also knowing that your oil is properly recycled, make sure to schedule an oil change at Benson Honda. By taking advantage of our oil change deals in San Antonio, TX here, you are assuring that you are not adding to the pollution problem. And with oil change deals in San Antonio going on right now, you can probably even get it done cheaper here than it would cost you on your own.

So if you can change your own oil and take the time to dispose of it properly, then by all means do so. But if it would be easier and greener to have the professionals do it, take us up on our oil change deals in San Antonio. You will sleep easier knowing that you are doing the right thing for the environment, helping assure the future of preserving the great Texas outdoors. In addition to oil changes, Benson Honda offers car repair in San Antonio as well.