Driverless cars becoming legal in the states

Driverless cars legal
We still love driving our own cars.

If you ever thought the car next to you wasn’t being operated by a person, you probably would have been mistaken – until now. In California, a bill has been signed into law legalizing driverless cars on the roadway. While this may not affect us in San Antonio right now, it seems like it may only be a matter of time before this happens all over. And with car companies currently working on the technology, the process is only going to speed up.

Obviously there will be rules put into place about the driverless cars, but the fact is the future is here when it comes to automobile technology. Google has actually been a huge proponent of the law, because it needed to use the roads of California for the autonomous car it has developed. Many Google employees already are using the cars to commute to work.

Here at Benson Honda, we still appreciate driving our own cars – especially when you consider the performance numbers on the new Honda cars in San Antonio that we have on our lot. Not allowing us to drive our own vehicles would take some of the fun out of the vehicle owning process. Obviously, the move won’t affect all cars, and we’re secretly hoping that we will always be able to drive our own cars.

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