The 2013 Honda Fit has arrived

2013 Honda Fit in San Antonio, TX

2013 Honda Fit in San Antonio, TX
The new Honda Fit is here!

We love getting new things here at Benson Honda. That’s why we are pleased to receive the 2013 Honda Fit in San Antonio, TX. The new Fit is a beacon of efficiency in the market – with an all-electric version coming soon as well. The Honda Fit in Texas has been a people pleaser for years, offering an outstanding option for city drivers and commuters alike.

If you’ve been to San Antonio, you know that the roads can get busy at times. But, the drive offered and some of the scenery is worth it. The best way to get the most out of your driving experience without letting it make you crazy is to get a car “fit” for the drive. That’s where the 2013 Honda Fit in San Antonio, TX comes in.

There’s a reason the Honda Fit has blown away the competition in the small car market for years. With the Fit, you can put away your preconceived notions about small cars and just enjoy the ride. Here’s why: the Fit provides a smooth ride, dependable ride – and some good storage space. You can’t ask for much more from a small car in the segment. The rear seats can fold down completely to create 57 cubic feet of cargo space – an impressive number in the segment. Amazingly, the cabin is also roomy, meaning you can comfortable transport you and your friends.

With efficiency and durability being off the charts for the 2013 Honda Fit in San Antonio, TX, you should at least give it a try. Come to Benson Honda to see how you “fit” in the Honda Fit. We have a huge selection of new and used Honda cars in San Antonio, so even if the Fit doesn’t work for you – there are still options.