Quiet ride is brought to you by Honda innovation

Honda Active Noise CancellationMost people probably take the quiet ride provided by their vehicle for granted. But there is actually a lot that goes into the process of Active Noise Cancellation that consumers probably don’t even realize. It is just one of the many technological innovations that Honda is continually coming up with. At Benson Honda, we’re proud of our Honda cars in San Antonio that show off the latest technology from the Honda brand.

In addition to obviously getting rid of unwanted noise, the Active Noise Cancellation process also can increase a vehicle’s efficiency. Since engines naturally run louder at lower speeds, many times engineers need to run them less efficiently at low speeds to reduce the noise they produce. But thanks to noise cancellation, the engines can be run at low speeds in top efficiency without the noise transferring into the cabin.

So how does it all work? Microphones in the cabin area actually catch sound to activate the system when too much noise is being produced. When high noises are detected, a control unit creates a reverse audio signal that is sent to the amplifier. This amplifier, which also powers the door speakers, is able to use this reverse signal to actually cancel out the noise so that the occupants of the vehicle are unable to hear it.

The result of all of this is a quieter and more efficient ride. So the next time you are riding around in your Honda, take time to enjoy the silence – because that silence is brought to you by some top-notch engineers at Honda. And if your Honda is making some noise it shouldn’t, keep us in mind for Honda service in San Antonio as well.