New Honda Accord is priced right and offers outstanding value

Best priced cars of 2013
The 2013 Honda Accord offers outstanding value for 2013.

Best priced cars of 2013

At Benson Honda, we’ve been clearing out the 2012 cars and trucks in San Antonio to make room for the 2013 models that are inbound as we speak. And with so many 2013 models hitting the lot very soon, consumers are ready to see which vehicles are the best priced cars of 2013. For us, there’s no question that the 2013 Honda Accord in San Antonio, TX has to be on the list. The car is hitting the lot now here at Benson Honda, and it is truly something to see.

There are many factors that would make a vehicle one of the best priced cars of 2013. The reason we pick the 2013 Honda Accord to be on this list is that not only is the price low, but what you get for the money is amazing. When considering the best car prices, value is a huge factor. And since the 2013 Accord gives you a ton of new features and options this year, there’s no doubt that it’s on the list of best priced cars of 2013.

Consider this – the 2013 Honda Accord is the first Honda model to be fitted with the revolutionary HondaLink system. This is a completely integrated infotainment system that allows drivers to bring outside entertainment into their vehicle – and use it all hands-fee. You can integrate your cell phone and use cloud-based features right in your car.

In addition, the 2013 Honda Accord was made sportier and roomier, increasing the overall value for consumers. Combine all the great features of the Accord with the outstanding fuel mileage that the brand has always been able to achieve, and there’s no reason to keep it off the list of best priced cars of 2013. Get yours at Benson Honda before the first wave is all gone – demand is high for the all-new Accord.