Odyssey and Pilot “twins” prove to be top Honda family cars

Best Honda family cars

Best Honda family cars
2012 Honda Pilot
Best Honda family cars
2012 Honda Odyssey

Any family that needs room in a vehicle is obviously looking in certain segments for cars. With Honda, there are several options, including our resident “twins” – the Honda Odyssey in San Antonio and the Honda Pilot. The “twins” label may not seem to apply at first, but there are many similarities in the Pilot and Odyssey as far as how they are built and what they offer for room. That’s why we categorize them as the best Honda family cars here at Benson Honda.

If you’ve ever stepped inside either the Odyssey or Pilot, you can see how the best Honda family cars label applies. Both are surprisingly roomy – more so than their outer appearance would even give away. With room for eight, both vehicles can haul a good load, which is an obvious advantage for families. Spacious second and third row seats in both also up the ante for what is offered in a family ride.

When dealing with families, of course safety is a factor as well. Again, both models shine in this category as well. Both offer a plethora of safety features for everyone inside. These led to the all-important Top Safety Pick designation from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety for both the Odyssey and Pilot. Of course, the vehicles are also very efficient for what they offer, giving them the trifecta for families – making the case of best Honda family cars for both.

Try out the impressive capabilities on each ride and see what you think. Of course, bring your crew down when you do so you can get an idea of how you would all fit in either the Odyssey or Pilot. Of course, we have a full lineup of new and used cars in San Antonio in addition to these two awesome options.