Get the 2012 Honda CR-V while it lasts

2012 Honda CR-V in Texas

2012 Honda CR-V in Texas
The Honda CR-V is ready to roll.

As far as we’re concerned, Honda is back – and better than ever. Honda is upping its sales goals for 2012 as consumer interest has been at a very high level. Two models that have been skyrocketing are the Honda Civic and the 2012 Honda CR-V in Texas. With its new remodel, the CR-V is especially hot this year. At Benson Honda, we’re the San Antonio Honda CR-V authority – and we’re happy to bring this awesome car to the public.

“Bold” is the word often used to describe the new look of the 2012 Honda CR-V in Texas. And we’re the perfect place to sell the CR-V, as it fits the Texas lifestyle with its new look. Of course, the redesign is more than just a pretty face, as it also has new interior elements and other impressive options that set it at the top of the compact crossover segment.

Efficiency is important to everyone these days, and the 2012 Honda CR-V in Texas has that figured out with up to 31 miles per gallon fuel economy. Available in LX, EX and EL-L trims, the Honda CR-V comes with a 2.4-liter four-cylinder that produces 185 horsepower. So with the CR-V, you really can get performance and efficiency. This is a combination that everyone is looking for – but that isn’t often easy to find.

The 2012 Honda CR-V in Texas is an ideal car for families, adventurers – or pretty much anybody. Of course, you have to come see it in the person to appreciate not only the new aspects of it, but the overall feel that the CR-V provides. One smooth test drive later, and you just might be ready to take a drive for yourself. Of course, you have to take advantage of the deals we have on it now, as we’ll soon be clearing out for the 2013 models. The time is now – we’re here to serve you.