Customize your car with the coolest gadgets on the market

Best gadgets for your car

Best gadgets for your car
The Drivemocion light gets your point across.

Being able to outfit your car with your own flavor is part of what makes owning a car so fun. Personal style is easily reflected in a vehicle. And if you really want to get into it, there are a ton of cool gadgets that you can buy for your car. Here at Benson Honda, we’ve compiled a list of the best gadgets for your car on the market. Why not outfit your Honda car in San Antonio with some cool gadgets to make it your own?

One that we loved right away was the Drivemocion LED Car Sign. This is a digital sign that suctions onto the rear window of the car and makes faces. Upset with a fellow driver behind you? Turn the sensor to the angry face. There are also available word messages like “Thanks” and “Back Off” that really get the point across about how you feel.

For those that are more about their own amusement and having fun-focused gadgets, there’s The Vroominator. This device gives your car the sound of a V8 engine no matter what it is – at least on the inside. By channeling the car’s DC current, the The Vroominator pumps big engine sound through the interior speakers that is concurrent with the actual engine.

And if you’re willing to show off some engine sound, maybe you’ll go to the next step of vehicle performance with another of the best gadgets for your car. For this, we have the Sound Controlled Music Light. This cool device syncs music from the radio to provide a light-up music experience. While not recommended while driving, the light system does make for a cool show off in the driveway or parking lot.

Of course, these are just a few of the best gadgets for your car on the market. Feel free to fit your new or used car in San Antonio with personal affects – whatever makes it unique to you!