Honda Pilot is a real SUV with full capabilities

2012 Honda Pilot in San Antonio

2012 Honda Pilot in San Antonio
Get real in the segment with the Honda Pilot.

Talk about one capable SUV. If you’re going to make the jump into the segment, why not do it right? The 2012 Honda Pilot in San Antonio is one SUV that truly does it right. You can get all the people and gear you want in the Honda SUV, making it an awesome choice for outdoor enthusiasts and families alike. At Benson Honda, we have a large selection of not only the Pilot, but Honda cars in San Antonio in general.

With three full rows of seating, the 2012 Honda Pilot in San Antonio is the real deal when it comes to SUVs. All passengers can sit in comfort as the Pilot has enough room to support its back seat. This is a change from many other SUVs that cram a third row in the back, but if anyone were to actually sit back there, they better not be tall because it is tight quarters. At Honda, consumer comfort is understood.

Want to pull something behind your Pilot? Well, the vehicle is already set up for that. It allows for a trailer to be easily hooked up with simple wiring that is ready and an integrated hitch. And with a 3.5-liter six-cylinder engine, the 2012 Honda Pilot in San Antonio has plenty of power to pull the trailer and boat without having the ride be greatly affected.

So if you’re ready to get in a real SUV, try the 2012 Honda Pilot in San Antonio on for size here at Benson Honda. Bring the family and see how easily everyone fits – you won’t be disappointed with what you find.