Honda Civic is just right for your commute

2012 Honda Civic in San Antonio

2012 Honda Civic in San Antonio
The Honda Civic is great in traffic.

Sometimes a car is built just perfectly for the kind of driving you do. If you live in San Antonio or the surrounding communities, likely your commute involves a lot of city driving. If you don’t have an efficient car, then every time you get stuck in traffic, you are burning a good amount of fuel. To ease your city driving life, we offer the 2012 Honda Civic in San Antonio. This beauty gets awesome fuel mileage and is sized just right to maneuver throughout the city.

With budgets being tight these days, it can be quite maddening to sit in traffic and watch your fuel gauge keep heading toward the “E.” But when you drive the 2012 Honda Civic in San Antonio, you get a whole lot more time with the needle hugging the “F” than the other way around. That’s because the Civic, in its most abundant models, gets up to 39 miles per gallon highway fuel economy and an amazing 28 in the city. There are also other versions, such as the Civic Hybrid, that increases its range to 44 in both city and highway driving.

And it isn’t just the savings on your pocketbook that make the 2012 Honda Civic in San Antonio so great. The Civic also has been freshly redesigned, so you get to ride in the newest style when you select the Civic. There are also many different trims to choose from, 13 in all between sedan and coupe models, so there is sure to be a Civic in the group that is just right for you.

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