Honda Fit electric stakes its claim as most efficient car ever

Honda Fit in San Antonio

Honda Fit in San Antonio
The Honda Fit is the most fuel efficient car ever, according to the EPA.

Which vehicle has the highest fuel efficiency rating ever? According to recent results from the Environmental Protection Agency, it will be the new Honda Fit electric. Since the Honda Fit in San Antonio in the electric model is an all-electric car, the term fuel efficiency can be confusing. It uses no gas whatsoever, but it still got the best fuel rating of all time – 118 miles per gallon equivalent. This is figured by the EPA using their system. But the bottom line is that this compact Honda in San Antonio beat out the competition which includes several other electric entries.

The 2013 Honda Fit electric will be able to go 82 miles without being charged, giving it the longest range of electric cars on the market right now. This is a huge advantage, giving Honda Fit owners more options on where they take their vehicle. Another big plus to the Honda Fit in San Antonio is that it can be recharged in only three hours with its 240 volt system. Basically, the Honda Fit is a better way to do electric. But what would you expect from Honda?

By getting the most out of its electric car before unveiling it, Honda now finds itself in a spot to take over the electric car market. And the fit is pretty stylish and roomy as well, considering what all else it offers. Sure, we’re biased here at Benson Honda, but when you look at the numbers, they really speak for themselves.

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