Honda Continuing to Develop Cutting-Edge Technology

Honda Continuing to Develop Cutting-Edge Technology
Honda Continuing to Develop Cutting-Edge Technology

Honda has been credited with inventing and innovating some of the most important automotive technology in recent years, including the world’s first continuously variable all-wheel drive system. So it should come as no surprise that they are currently in the works developing technology that will help prevent traffic jams altogether. (Insert standing ovation here)

Honda’s latest technology venture has them looking for a way to solve traffic jams and with countless hours of analyzing/studying this issue they finally have picked up some traction with the creation of the first vehicle communication system geared to control traffic jams and limit fuel usage. The system developed by Honda closely monitors a driver’s acceleration/braking habits and provides other information that Honda states will encourage a smoother and more efficient driving experience.

This system works with the help of on-board terminals that connect to a computing system which enables communication between vehicles on the same road. This way drivers can maintain a consistent pace and also maintain a decent space cushion from other driver’s ahead of you. The new system from Honda even goes deeper in the sense that it also can work with adaptive cruise control as it can regulate speed from a group of vehicles ahead. Honda plans on starting preliminary road testing for this new technology in May of this year, so stay tuned for updates as we at Benson Honda will keep you in the loop on this game-changing tech.

The people at Honda believe that this technology will potentially be able to increase average speed by roughly 23 percent not to mention fuel economy by eight percent. If you’re looking for a better way to increase fuel efficiency buy a Honda from your friends at Benson Honda. Feel free to test-drive a fuel-efficient vehicle in San Antonio at Benson Honda where we have several Honda models with 30 mpg highway that would make the perfect new vehicle. Shop Benson Honda today!