Honda Joins Industry Leaders To Make For More Efficient EV Charging

Honda Joins Industry Leaders To Make For More Efficient EV Charging
Honda Joins Industry Leaders To Make For More Efficient EV Charging

Benson Honda, the leading Honda dealer in San Antonio, is excited about American Honda’s most recent announcement, re-solidifying their commitment to alternative energies and consumers changing preferences.

Just recently, American Honda Co. has joined forces with IBM and Pacific Gas and Electric Company(PG&E) on a new project that will enable open communication between EVs and power grids. Why is this important? Simple. With this open network of communication between EVs and power grids it will give energy companies a better way of efficiently managing peak charging hours as well as a way to test EVs in how they react to charging instructions based on the current power grid condition.

With the steady increase of EV adoption by car consumers many questions have been raised regarding how they(EVs) will affect current infrastructure. This partnership will help develop ways in which charging stations can keep up with high-demand times and also adjust, appropriately, to low-demand times so energy is not wasted and is used efficiently.

Steven Center, American Honda’s VP of Environmental Business Development Office, stated that the creation of the EV is not the end of alternative energies and efficiency initiatives, stating that, “One of Honda’s main objectives is to work to advance technologies that can address society’s environmental and energy concerns through both alternative powertrain technologies, like our 2013 Honda Fit EV battery electric vehicle, and through groundbreaking research initiatives similar to the Smart Charge project that we are collaborating on with IBM and PG&E. It is our hope that these technologies and infrastructure will pave the way for EVs of the future to be synched to local electric grids to intuitively and seamlessly manage charging experiences.”

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