Benson Honda Revs its Engines for 2012


2012 Honda Civic Natual Gas Benson HondaBenson Honda, the leading Honda dealer in San Antonio, is proud to announce the 2012 Honda Civic Natural Gas was recently named the 2012 Green Car of the Year by Green Car Journal, a designation that recognizes both its environmentally friendliness, as well as some new updates in its construction.

Benson Honda is excited to tell you about the use of high-strength steels on the Honda Civic Natural Gas, which also played a part in the car’s recognition as a best of the year.

About 55 percent of the car’s steel is higher strength, compared to 50 percent in recent models, which reduces the car’s weight while also enhancing safety and lowering the car’s life cycle emissions. Steel production emits 1/20th to 1/5 the carbon dioxide of alternative materials, and it can be recycled.

“Advanced high-strength steels allow automakers to offer the very best in crash safety, while also saving weight, leading to improved fuel economy,” said Ron Krupitzer, vice president of automotive applications for the Steel Market Development Institute. “Steel’s unique strength and forming properties enable the Civic to achieve excellent crash protection without negatively impacting styling.”

The 2012 Civic Natural Gas, the fifth generation of the vehicle, is the only assembly-line produced natural gas passenger model manufactured for sale in the United States.

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