Honda and Pandora Team Up, Find one at Benson Honda

Benson Honda San Antonio TX PandoraHondas are made for great driving, and a drive just isn’t the same without a soundtrack.

That’s why Honda has recently announced that they are now partnering with Pandora, the leading personalized radio service, and associates at Benson Honda, the leading Honda dealer in San Antonio, are dancing with excitement.

 “Pandora listeners love to take their personalized stations wherever they go, and that is especially true of the car where almost half of all radio listening occurs,” said Jessica Steel, the executive vice president of business and corporate development for Pandora. “We are excited that Honda is able to roll out a live implementation to customers so shortly after their announcement.”

The announcement was made during the unveiling of the 2012 CR-V at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The car will be available at Benson Honda on Dec. 15, and will feature Pandora internet radio. Connectivity to Pandora in the CR-V is enabled by an iPhone.

Pandora radio offers personalized stations based upon favorite artists, songs or genres, as well as feedback from the listener, so Honda owners will now get to have just as many options with their tunes as they do with their cars.

The five-passenger 2012 Honda CR-V will also offer greater fuel efficiency, upscale styling and a smoother and quieter ride, so the music will sound that much sweeter. The previous generation of the CR-V was named a Top Recommended Vehicle by and named the top compact crossover SUV in dependability by J.D. Power and Associates.

Come on over to Benson Honda, your number one Honda dealer in San Antonio, and test drive one of our new or used Hondas, or wait until Dec. 15 and come try out the 2012 CR-V, and turn up the Pandora radio as loud as you’d like. We hope to see you soon!