Honda Passes One Million Mile Mark, Come See One at Benon Honda


Benson Honda San Antonio, TXWant a car that can last, and last, and last? Joe LoCicero will tell you to head on over to Benson Honda, the leading Honda dealer in San Antonio, TX.

LoCicero, who lives in Saco, Maine, recently passed the one-million-mile mark on his 1990 Accord, which still has its original engine and transmission – a feat that not many cars can reach.

Benson Honda is excited to share this news with you, and proud to be a part of a company that sells quality cars that are built to last.

This milestone is a testament to Honda’s reliability. As an ex-mechanic, LoCicero said all he did to maintain the car was follow regular maintenance schedules, use good parts and drive safely.

LoCicero bought the car in 1996 with 74,000 miles on it. Since then, he has replaced the seat belts, steering wheel, upholstery and fuel pump – not much considering its high mileage.

This is the first time Honda has documented an Accord reaching the 1-milion-mile mark.

As a reward, LoCicero was treated to a parade with cheerleaders and signs featuring his face, as well as a new 2012 Accord, in the same color as his old car. He is not sure what he will do with his trusty companion.

Buying a car is a long-term investment. Looking into the future, you don’t want maintenance issues or to have to completely replace a car before its time. Honda understands that, and builds its products with that in mind. Come on over to Benson Honda’s lot of new and used Hondas in San Antonio, TX and take one for a drive yourself.

You just might still be driving it one million miles down the road – just as Joe LoCicero!