Gas Engines Will Prevail under 2025 CAFÉ Rules

2025 CAFE Rules Benson Honda San Antonio, TXHonda looks to future, pulls from current success

By 2025, cars will have to show a 53 percent improvement from current fuel efficiency. Most manufacturers are embracing this new standard set by the White House, including Honda. Benson Honda, a leading Honda dealer in San Antonio, TX, brings this news to you with confidence in Honda’s already established leading fuel efficient lineup.

While some consumers may be thinking that these standards will equate to more and more hybrid and electric vehicles, Honda’s gas engines won’t have to make extreme changes. Honda’s established lineup of successful four-cylinders will be able to provide the required fuel efficiency standard. By 2025 the government says that the average MPG should be about 54. The standard is estimated to save about 12 billion barrels of oil and eliminate about 6 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide pollution. The average savings for a family will equate to more than $8,000.

“Automakers will meet the standards by improving technology on the road today,” said Brendan Bell of the Clean Vehicles Program at the Union of Concerned Scientists.

It’s been reported that Honda is welcoming the competition that will come from these new standards. Honda has been not only a long-time leader for fuel efficient models, but also in protecting the environment. Honda is currently the only manufacture with an approved car for HOV in California—the natural gas model.

Tom Benson shares Honda vision for a healthier planet. We’re proud to supply Hondas to those who want to make fewer trips to the pump, protect the planet and keep money where it belongs—in your wallet. Stop down and take a look around. We have a great lot full of new and used Hondas in San Antonio, TX. Our staff is always willing and able to help with a test drive or just answer a few questions.