Compressed Natural Gas Honda Civic HOV Access

Benson Honda San Antonio TexasCivic GX has High Occupancy Vehicle access through 2015

Drivers of the Civic GX, a Honda Civic using compressed natural gas, have been given the green light to use the HOV access lane in California through 2015. Sales for this model have tripled recently and now it appears they will continue to grow. Benson Honda, the leading Honda dealer in San Antonio, Texas knows the Honda Civic is a great vehicle and we’re excited to share this information with you.

The Honda Civic GX allows California commuters to use a less traveled lane on the highway and pay less for gas. They also enjoy the satisfaction of reducing their personal carbon footprint.

“Civic GX drivers in California have long enjoyed the benefits of driving a compressed natural gas vehicle, whether it was saving time commuting in the carpool lane, paying lower fuel prices, reducing dependence on oil or reducing their CO2 footprint,” said Elmer Hardy, senior manager of alternative fuel marketing at American Honda Motor Co., Inc. “With the all-new model coming this fall, drivers will continue to earn these benefits along with additional commuter-friendly features.”

Just because it runs on compressed natural gas doesn’t mean it’s skimping on any Civic features. The Honda Civic GX still carries all the innovative technology that you’d expect from Honda. Bluetooth, USB audio are all standard, among other great Honda features.

While this vehicle is currently only being sold in California, it won’t be long before other states catch on to the immense benefit from HOV lanes on busy highways. Benson Honda knows traffic, but traffic in a Honda Civic just seems to be a bit less irritating. Come out to Benson Honda, the leading Honda dealer in San Antonio, Texas, and take a look at all the great Honda models we have, ready for you today.