Honda Production Back on Track for Fit and Insight

benson honda production insight fitAfter Japan’s March tragedy production rates look up

Honda dealers were given the green light from Honda Motors Co. to resume ordering the Honda Fit and Insight after months of delayed production. Honda and Benson Honda, the leading Honda dealer in San Antonio, Texas are proud to announce this news. Benson Honda knows the demand for fuel efficient vehicles continues to rise, and to answer that call Honda will be able to keep up with demand with its lineup of fuel efficient models.

Throughout the recovery in Japan, Honda worked side-by-side with Japan on relief efforts. Honda wanted to ensure that facility employees and beyond we cared for and not ignored. While Honda worked on getting back on track, the popular Fit and Insight production had to be temporarily stopped. Now, that the facility is able to produce the parts again, it’s game on for dealers to keep these cars on the lot for all those fuel conscious individuals.

It is of little surprise that fuel efficient vehicles are on the minds of the majority of car shoppers today. Honda Motors Co. works hard to keep the Honda brand known for the vehicle that keeps you on the road longer—both in reliability, durability and fuel efficiency. The Honda Fit and Insight are two Honda models that are leading the way in fuel efficiency. The Fit gets an astounding 28 MPG city and 35 MPG highway. The Fit is equipped with EcoAssist. Ecoboost and Eco scoring are two effective fuel saving systems in the Insight that give the driver feedback in regards to fuel use.

Honda Motor Co.’s announcement for part production was ahead of schedule and at Benson Honda, we couldn’t be happier—and we have to say it’s right up Honda’s ally to meet a goal ahead of time. If you’re looking for a fuel efficient vehicle, like the Honda Fit or Honda Insight, stop out at Benson Honda, we have the best selection of new and used Hondas in San Antonio, Texas.