Honda Graduate Financing at Benson Honda in San Antonio, Texas

Honda in San Antonio
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Graduates can take advantage of Honda’s available offers. Benson Honda has one more assignment for our area’s recent graduates—picking out a new or used Honda in San Antonio. You’ve already done all the hard work, now reward yourself with a Honda and take advantage of the special financing Honda exclusively offers to recent graduates. Benson Honda is proud to be part of a strong college community with many successful graduates.

Honda’s sales have been consistently increasing at an incredible rate. Honda makes some of the most, if not the most, fuel efficient vehicles on the road and as an educated individual you’ll quickly see why Hondas have been on the road since you were practicing cursive. Whether you’re looking for the ever-popular Honda Accord, Pilot or the new lineup of Civics, you’ll find it at Benson Honda. We even have the Honda Fit, the fastest selling Honda right now with its recent 66 percent increase in sales.

Once you’ve completed your homework to find the Honda you like the best, the Honda Graduate Financing benefits you can enjoy include: Lease or purchase financing packages that are flexible and competitive and your first payment can be delayed for up to three months with the option of zero percent interest for two of those months.

To take advantage of Honda’s Graduate Financing, you’ll need to have proof of employment or will be employed within 120 days of purchasing your Honda, decent credit and five percent down payment. We can help you along the way, too. Just check out our website for more financing information and an application. We even have a friendly sales professional available to live chat.

So, grab your graduation cap and come out to the greatest Honda dealer in San Antonio. We have the best selection of Honda cars in San Antonio just waiting for you. Feel free to just stop out, take a test drive or get a little more information from our qualified staff. There’s a Honda on the lot just waiting for you to hang your tassel in.