Honda Sales Increase, Again

Honda Cars San Antonio
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Gas prices on the rise, Honda has the solution. The price of gas isn’t the only thing on the rise these days. Light vehicle sales rose almost 20 percent in April 2011, an obvious statement that consumers are looking for fuel efficient vehicles. The Honda Fit was among those with the highest increase in demand, among other Honda models. At Benson Honda in San Antonio, Texas we know gas prices are heavy on many people’s minds and finding a cost effective solution shouldn’t have to be hard. Honda’s increased sales are evidence that consumers are finding comfort in Honda’s fuel efficient, safe vehicles.

Honda leads the pack in manufacturers of fuel efficient vehicles. While across the board automotive sales are up, it is undeniable that Honda has innovatively put out vehicles with better capabilities in handling today’s fuel needs. As consumers continually choose to stay away from larger, gas-guzzling vehicles and go with lighter, fuel efficient vehicles, Honda models shine in a crowd all trying to accomplish the same thing.

The Honda Fit and CR-V had a record breaking month in April, as well as the hybrid Insight. The Honda Fit, a four door sub-compact gets an unbelievable 33 MPG and saw a 66 percent increase in demand. There’s no skimping on style or safety to keep those 33 MPG. The Fit has the same stylish interior you’d expect from a Civic or Accord and comes with a second row seat which folds down to increase cargo space. With six airbags and vehicle stability assist traction control there’s little be confused with size versus safety. The CR-V had its highest selling month yet in April, for the third month in a row. As an ultra-low emission vehicle, the CR-V is a class leader from its 24 MPG to its elegant design and interior features.

At Benson Honda, the leading new and used Honda dealership in San Antonio, Texas we’d love to show you a Fit, CR-V or any new or used Honda. We’re not surprised Honda is leading the way in light vehicle sales and will continue to show the competition why people love Hondas. Come check out Benson Honda; take a test drive—our staff would love to answer any of your questions.